AARP Health Insurance

AARP Health Insurance – With Additional Benefits
AARP health insurance has provided cover for over seven million members until now and is growing every day. The carefully scrutinized and selected insurance and health care products of AARP aims to provide maximum benefits with minimal hassles. There have been many criticisms on the way AARP works and the plans offered by it however repeatedly it has been evident and proven that AARP insurance strives to provide the best and abide by its statement of providing “quality life for all as we age”. The organization’s lobbying endeavors in new health care reforms are substantiation of its work.
AARP aims to provide not only different insurance and health care plans but also complete information that is required to know before, while and after purchasing insurance. Under AARP health insurance domain, the company provides programs like individual health insurance, medicare program and long-term care insurance. Besides the above, special programs like hearing care program, fitness and wellness program, prescription discounts etc are also offered by AARP.
AARP health insurance programs in detail.
Individual health care program: Individual health care program is for a sole person and is purchased by and for an individual only. It does not include any family member. Individual health insurance can be availed to support already existing medicare plans that do not account for certain costs or clauses that are not covered under medicare or health insurance plans provided by your employer. It is important to know that in this type of program there will be no contribution from the employer and eligibility criteria is strict.
Types of individual AARP health insurance plans:
Fee for service insurance – conventional type of health insurance policy
Managed care plans – such as offered by health maintenance organization or preferred provider organization
Open enrollment in managed care plans – allows joining managed care plans even while suffering major illness
Association based health insurance – provided by corporate or professional trade groups
High-risk pools – This type of insurance are usually sponsored by state authorities for people who are not able to get insurance due to existing medical issues.
Long Term care AARP health insurance: Even though one tries to save some money for contingency purpose, it may not be sufficient. Certain unprecedented circumstances demand large and immediate amount of money, this is where long-term care insurance plans help. It is important to know that long-term insurances are not traditional health insurance plans instead; their aim is to cover services that are usually not covered under medicare or conventional AARP health insurance.
Unexpected costs like nursing facilities, home health aides, assisted living support, supporting disability etc are covered under this insurance plan. Major medical health insurance, hospital indemnity insurance include full family coverage, vision issues, tax benefits, insurance while travelling, fixed cash benefits, outpatient surgeries etc. These types of insurances are underwritten by Genworth Life Insurance Company for AARP and are allotted to individuals who require help for period of 90 days and above only.
Medicare Program: Medicare is the largest and the most common form of health insurance provided by government and private organizations. It is a national insurance program designed for people above 65 years of age or someone suffering from some disability in early age. Medicare plans may be confusing; hence, AARP health insurance segment provides all the required information on eligibility criteria for joining medicare plans.
Medicare Part A, B, C, & D is explained in detail example, what is included in different parts, what is the best combination to purchase that will fulfill all requirements or whether to buy a medicare from private firm and which plans are the best suited for retired individuals. Most of AARP plans cover clauses like copayments, coinsurance and generic prescription drugs coverage that may not be available with other insurance provider.
Additional programs like medicare advantage, medical supply services, health essential segment, vision, dental and hearing care AARP health insurance plans provide added benefits to its members.